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Clean water out of thin air - could this be the end of water scarcity? ›


The Alpha Spring system is a new and innovative device that absorbs water from the atmosphere and delivers pure drinking water in huge quantities. The quantity depends on the size of the installation. The apparatus works in manifold environments, even in deserts. The current prototype has been running for over a year now and keeps delivering more than a hundred gallons of fresh, clean drinking water to Southern Germany.


Public bench with LED-technology and solar power by Goodmorning Technology. An energy efficient solution that can make public spaces safe, day and night. #allgoodthings #danish spotted by missdesignsays



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Penguins return to the sea following oil spill in South Africa

(Photo: Schalk Van Zuydam / AP)

Some two hundred penguins found covered in oil on Robben Island following a spillage by a stricken bulk carrier were washed, fed and restored to health. Thirty of the birds were released today.

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The Obama administration has committed to ensuring the strongest possible safety when it comes to drilling in the Arctic. Shell’s rash plan to drill isn’t measuring up! Help us urge the administration to NOT issue Shell’s final permits when the company has not provided the proper safeguards to meet those standards. Take action now!


In the June 22nd edition of encore:

Hands Across the Sand—a movement made of people of all walks of life and crosses political affiliations and the borders of the world. This movement is not about politics — it is about the protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife and fisheries.  The accidents that continue to happen in offshore oil drilling are a threat to all of the above.  Expanding offshore oil drilling is not the answer; embracing Clean Energy is.


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